Philly Pigeon Rescue

When urban wildlife needs help

Call us if you find a sick, injured, or orphaned pigeon!

Call or text: 267-996-4505 or 860-796-0324


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Have you ever seen an animal who needed help, and wanted to do something about it? That’s why we’re here!

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One-eye Rocky started this whole damn thing.

Philadelphia wildlife needs help sometimes.

City wildlife is amazing. These animals manage to survive under conditions radically different from their native habitats. And yet they do survive, even thrive. But they face unique challenges: cars, cats, glass windows, inconsistent food sources, pollution, and all the other ramifications and residue of human activity.  

We’ve rescued animals hit by cars, fallen from nests, tangled up in string, caught by cats, stuck in garbage cans, stuck in chimneys, weak from starvation or sickness, and escaped from captivity.  

Call us if you find a pigeon who needs help. Get them into a box if you can safely do so, and we’ll come and pick them up.